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Burns Sisters member Annie Burns does not stray far from the family group of which she is an integral part.  

Nevertheless, it's Annie Burns herself who shines on the album, its folk-rock songs ranging from the title track, a reminiscence about a never-taken trip with a friend who died young, to the country-styled "God Made Woman," a feminist honky tonk tune.

This basic band -- consisting of guitarists Jim Kimball, Larry Campbell, and Marc Shulman; bassist Tony Garnier (whose day job is working with Bob Dylan); and drummer Shawn Pelton -- is augmented here and there by other players, among them electric guitarist G.E. Smith. 

Burns has an expressive voice that can be gentle or bluesy, depending on the demands of the songs, but that always has a plaintive tone, which is appropriate to the often melancholy sentiments being expressed in the lyrics.



Annie Burns creates uplifting, transcendent music filled with warmth and conviction.  She was a member of The Burns Sisters and has also continued work as a solo artist.  The Burns Sisters were signed with Columbia and Rounder Records and have since released many recordings. Their music can be found on Amazon.  They toured with Arlo Guthrie for 5 yrs.  Annie and Marie (sister) did a Celtic recording and toured Ireland every year (pre-pandemic.) Annie still works with the Burns Sisters. She has three solo recordings to her credit and produces both her own songs and other artists. 

Annie has stepped out of the pandemic and started working with longtime collaborator, Doug Robinson, and the talented Harry Aceto. Doug is a multi-instrumentalist that has toured with Martin Simpson and in town plays with Djug Django. Harry Aceto also plays with Djug Django and has toured with Jay Unger, Molly Mason, and The Gordon Webster Swing band. 

The band is out to play some jazzy, folksy, torch songs to have some fun with the lifting of the pandemic restrictions. 

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Annie has a bell-like, steady, warm and heartfelt voice. It is so pleasurable to listen to someone who uses her instrument in such a commanding and sensitive way. - Rosanne Cash - American singer-songwriter and author” - - Rosanne Cash - American singer-songwriter and author



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What's Up?

I just played a fabulous gig at The Inn at Taughannock Falls. It was wonderful to play with these fine musicians. Doug Robinson on bass, Harry Aceto on guitar, and Chad Lieberman on Piano.  It is great to be back playing gigs after the pandemic.  I am booking all kinds of gigs this Spring and Summer into next year. 

I've started singing some old jazz songs combined with some of my own songs. Singing torch songs is what I love to do. I also feature Doug Robinson's voice. He is a great singer and we blend well.  If you are looking for a band for a party, wedding, or a mellow house concert. We play them all.  

Vocal Coaching

Annie creates a safe space for her students, fostering an environment where they can explore and discover their authentic sound. This is crucial for singers to develop their unique vocal style and express themselves confidently. 

Annie's ability to coach both beginners and professional singers suggests that she has the expertise to adapt her teaching approach to different skill levels and goals. Whether you're just starting your singing journey or seeking to refine your skills as a professional, Annie can likely provide valuable guidance and support. 

Additionally, Annie's leadership in harmony workshops are a great opportunity for individuals interested in learning how to harmonize effectively. From small group settings to larger gatherings, these workshops can help participants develop their listening skills, blend their voices, and create beautiful harmonies together. 

If you're interested in vocal coaching with Annie Burns or participating in her harmony workshops, You can contact her directly at annieburns@gmail.com.


Lessons are $75.00. Annie has availability on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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  • Burns Sisters  t-shirts

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